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A Statesboro Firefighter Needs Your Help: Help Calvin Hitchcock Beat Cancer

This is an amazing and important fundraiser for a Statesboro firefighter.

The community is rallying around Firefighter Calvin Hitchcock who has spent much of his life in service to others. According to one of the campaign organizers, Calvin was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia during a routine doctor’s appointment in January. He’s expected to be out of work for approximately six weeks to three months for cancer treatment.

“Calvin and his wife, Wendy both have such a giving heart and have made a positive impact on all those around them,” organizer Laura Coleman said. "They constantly are helping everyone around them and hate to ask anyone for anything but I feel we should allow others to bless them now.”

The fundraiser has already raised more than $800!

Please click the link and donate if you can, share if you can't.

Fundraiser by Laura Coleman : Help Calvin Hitchcock Beat Cancer (

Photo: Laura Coleman

All of you may or may not know us but let me introduce ourselves. On the far left you have our oldest son, Collan(15), youngest son Greyson(13), you have me Wendy(36)on the far right, & then you have Calvin(soon to be 41) in the middle. A lot of people know us and know we LOVE God and we love God big with ALL of our hearts. We put Him first in our hearts and house. We trust His plan always even when we don’t understand. And here lately I’ve not understood it at all. It’s not for us to question his plan so we just put our trust in Him and hold on for the ride. I know our Heavenly Father will take care of us in whatever he throws at us because ultimately it’s in His plan. He knew everything when He created us, He knew what trials we would face and continue to face. With All of that being said some of you know and some do not, But we’ve been battling the ugly word no one ever wants to say CANCER. Calvin had some blood work at the beginning of this year to come back bad, from that we was sent to a Cancer center where the doctor was in unbelief at what he was reading and seeing with his own eyes. The doctor ordered more labs and said huh I’ll probably see you back in 6 months just to say it’s nothing. But to his surprise it wasn’t 6 months it was the next week to reveal that he indeed has Cancer. The doctor again ordered more labs, a bone marrow biopsy, & a bone survey. Well when we followed up he was again surprised to say the least because not only did Calvin have Cancer but Calvin has 2 types of Cancer. CLL ( Chronic lymphocytic leukemia)& MM(Multiple Myeloma)Our doctor proceeded to tell us that he wanted another opinion. So he sent us to Augusta to AUH to see a specialist. Again when we went and seen this new doctor he said the same things it’s not true let me check, we’ll he ordered more labs and a PET scan. Well when Calvin went for his follow up the doctor came in and said we are going to fight this as aggressive as we can. So he will start treatments soon(Thursday 16th or Monday 20th) & then after 4 months of treatments he will have a stem cell transplant. We wanted to put this out because several people has been questioning what’s going on and this is the easiest way to get it out. We say All of this to ask for prayers. Yes God already knows what we are going through and we will get through this with His strength. But we ask you to pray for our family, we also ask you to pray for anyone who is fighting this battle and let them know they aren’t alone, pray that Gods Will be done.

- Edit both of these Cancers are very rare and isn’t curable by man BUT we know a God who can-


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