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Mega Millions: Won the lottery? Here's why you may need a therapist

One lucky winner in Maine snatched the $1.35 billion-dollar Mega Millions on Friday the 13th, but what should they do with their winnings?

Financial advisor Robert Pagliarini suggests hiring a team of experts: an attorney, a tax expert, and a financial advisor.

However, he added one unexpected expert to the roster: a therapist. Therapists can be useful to handle stress, anxiety, or changing relationships. Paying debts and buying assets will also help you to retain your newfound wealth.

The identity of the solo winner of Friday's Mega Millions has yet to be revealed. 

See below for more including a Dr. Phil interview with a lottery winner who had a very troubled time after winning.

Dr. Phil meets a British lottery winner who says her life turned upside down after winning the lottery with her very first ticket. Then, meet a woman who says she is addicted to playing the lottery. Dr. Phil and industry professionals also discuss the pros and cons and what’s important to know before buying a ticket. Plus, what happens if you win and come into sudden wealth?

Mega Millions lottery

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