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A Florida woman's skeleton-driven lawn for St. Jude's changes every day

We're in the spooky season, but one woman in the Trailmark neighborhood of St. Johns County is taking her decorations to the next level. First Coast News would like to introduce you to the Trailmark Boneyard.

Some people have skeletons in their closet...Kathy Schuester keeps hers in her living room.

She has different skeletons ready for display; like a Jimmy Buffett themed skeleton that clearly wasted away looking for his lost salt shaker. But that's only before she decorates her front yard with the skeletons.

The displays change every single day, on Sunday there was a fall festival where you can get your picture taken with the skeletons.

"I have a 10-year-old grandson with a great imagination and I get emails and letters left on my front porch," said Schuster.

Every day in October for the past five years, Kathy and her husband Wayne have put a different and unique skeleton display in the front yard of their Trailmark home with the goal of entertaining the community, especially the kids.

"We can hear the kids coming before we see the school bus because we can hear them chanting skeleton, skeleton, skeleton," said Schuster.

They even built a bus and filled it with children skeletons to entertain the school busses that drive by their house in the morning. But this is more than just fun skeleton displays of Ghostbusters, Marvel characters and the Beatles. Schuster also uses the displays to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

"Not only is it wonderful for us, but it's so much fun for this whole neighborhood and I feel the gratitude from them all the time," said Schuster.

The Trailmark Boneyard skeletons, whether they're running on Dunkin' or boxed up like Barbie, will be on display until the first of November.

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