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I thought for sure this Wheel of Fortune player would win an extra $40,000

 Pat Sajak gets emotional & Vanna White stomps her foot as Wheel of Fortune player falls brutally short on $40,000 puzzle.

Mom of-one Laquisha faced the game's bonus puzzle with a high score of $23,000 and high hopes. And I thought for sure she'd get it.

She chose “MGWA” as her additional letters, and the tricky four-word puzzle read as a mere, “_' '_A_E' '_ _ _R' '_ _ _ _’ Impressively, she got the first three words, exclaiming, ‘I have your…I have your case?’

But poor Laquisha could not finish the Wheel of Fortune puzzle correctly, and the 10-second timer ran out. The puzzle was revealed as “I Have Your Back,” and Laquisha uttered, ‘Oh God.” “And I love to say that phrase!” 

Pat didn't go for the chummy approach; instead, he said he felt "sorry" for her. “You did everything you could. You had the right idea, and you did everything you could," he said, looking genuinely unhappy. "You were trying other words. The 10 seconds just flies by. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” A frustrated Vanna stamped her feet when she missed it.

Pat revealed she lost an extra $40,000 per the prize card and added, “It was a nice effort, it really was.”

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