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It's Solar Eclipse Day. Here's some information to share with you

The total solar eclipse is causing such a stir because the rare event will fall over more places in the U.S. than the total eclipse before and after it. And the broad length of the path of totality — where Americans have the best shot of getting a clear view — is “much wider” than it was for the eclipse in 2017, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

… The next visible total solar eclipse to cross over the U.S. after today will come in more than two decades on August 23, 2044.

And that eclipse won’t be as accessible as this one: The path of totality in 2044 will only touch the states of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Another total eclipse will pass over the U.S. in 2045 that will be more accessible to Americans, including for people who live in California, Florida and Nevada.

… When the moon’s shadow obscures the sun, it may seem like the perfect moment to steal a glance at this cosmic event. However, the allure of the eclipse can be deceptive, as looking directly at it can lead to solar retinopathy, causing irreversible damage to your eyes. Despite Donald Trump’s infamous eclipse viewing moment in 2017, experts are clear: the risk of eye damage during a solar eclipse is significant.

… Is it safe to drive during the eclipse? It is, but don’t drive while wearing eclipse glasses.

… If you thought your trusty welding helmet or goggles could double as eclipse viewers, you might want to think again. Anything below a Shade 12 filter won’t provide enough protection for your eyes during the eclipse.

… From Burger King to Pizza Hut, Applebee’s, and Sonic, there’s something for every taste bud during the solar eclipse. Burger King is offering a tempting buy-one-get-one-free Whopper deal for Royal Perks members who text ECLIPSE. Pizza lovers can indulge in any large pizza from Pizza Hut for just $12 on eclipse day. And if you’re in the mood for a celestial cocktail, head over to Applebee’s for their Perfect Eclipse Margarita made with premium tequila and fruity flavors. Sonic Drive-In is introducing the Blackout Slush Float, a limited-edition drink featuring cotton candy and dragon fruit flavors, topped with galaxy-themed sprinkles.

… In 2017 there were 323 million Americans and someone guessed/decided that 200 million Americans watched the eclipse online, on TV, or outside.


Total Solar Eclipse

Photo: DKosig / iStock / Getty Images

Group of friends looking to a solar eclipse

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