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Verizon customer got a bill for $439 million after he changed phone plan

TikTok user Trevor Fitzgerald (@deathby2wheels) had two iPhones and two Apple Watches on his account, expecting a $5,000 bill after he changed phone plan. However, he claims to have received a $439 million invoice.

TikTok user Trevor Fitzgerald (@deathby2wheels) says that he had two Apple Watches and two iPhones linked to his account. At most, he estimated that he would be billed around $5,000.

Instead, the TikToker claims that he received a bill in the mail for $439 million.

“I am nor in the right clothes, the right … vehicle, the right tax bracket—like, did someone go on my account and order 500 of everything?” Fitzgerald asks in the clip, which currently has over 2 million views. 

In the comments section, users expressed their disbelief about the bill.

“Brother when you added 600 + 200, called it 1,000.. then gave them 5,000 as benefit of the doubt??? I was already shook,” said a user.

“That’s a lawsuitttttt fight them. Even for the 4 devices on ur plan in no way shape or form could that ever add up to 400 million,” stated another.


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