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Kelly Clarkson was so embarrassed by what she said that she walked offstage

Kelly couldn't believe she said it, so shocked she had to walk off the stage.

On Thursday, Henry Golding dropped by the new New York set of The Kelly Clarkson Show with a question for her studio audience. The British Crazy Rich Asians star was apparently feeling a bit insecure about his breakfast choice.

Saying he was on the phone with a friend when he shared that he was having a pastrami sandwich for his first meal of the day, with the friend responding, "'That is the strangest thing. That's weird. Meat first thing in the morning. No good."

Golding asked the audience, "Is that like a morning thing to do for New Yorkers?" Immediately, Clarkson and the studio audience told him, "No."

Golding clarified. "Dammit! I just felt like a pastrami sandwich."

But his faux pas was nothing compared to what came out of Kelly's mouth after he questioned whether "meat first thing in the morning" was no good.

"Well, steak and eggs," Clarkson replied. "Yeah, I don't mind meat in the morning." She then tried to change the topic, but only got a couple of words in when her brain realized what she had just said.

Without another word, the talk show host was on her feet with her hands over her head. She bee-lined straight for the camera, and away from Golding, before slowly making her way back.

Clarkson has been enjoying a new lease on her newly-single life since her divorce from Brandon Blackstock and relocation (bringing her talk show with her) from Los Angeles to New York. It's also been a healthy journey, with the singer getting noticeably more fit.

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