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Taco Bell manager springs into action when a baby stops breathing

A Pennsylvania Taco Bell manager is being hailed as a hero after she sprang into action to save a baby's life.

Natasha Long had just come from picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy with her 11-week-old son, Myles, when she decided to stop at Taco Bell on Saturday to get some food. When she pulled into the drive-thru, she heard baby Myles struggling to breathe, so she immediately got out of the vehicle to check on him.

"I ran out of the car and ran around and opened the car door," said Long. "I pulled him out and he turned completely blue and was lifeless. At that point I just completely blacked out. I didn't know what to do."

Long says she started to scream in a panic. Her cries for help were heard by Taco Bell Manager Becky Arbaugh, who dropped everything she was doing to help once she realized how dire the situation was. "I threw down my headset and ran outside," said Arbaugh. "I took the baby and I started to do chest compressions on the baby and then he finally started to breathe."

Long said it was as if a guardian angel had appeared out of nowhere to help Myles start breathing again. The manager comforted her and directed her on what to do as they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Arbaugh, who is a mother of two, said she is no guardian angel. However, she said she was able to stay calm throughout because one of her daughters had a similar experience years ago.

"When my kids were little, my daughter had a similar incident, so I knew what she was feeling," said Arbaugh. "I knew if I kept her calm and I stayed calm, there was no thought in my mind that the baby wasn't going to breathe again."

Baby Myles did start breathing and was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

"We couldn't be more grateful to Becky," said Long. "She saved my son's life."

This Taco Bell has a customer for life.

Below is how a local TV station covered well as the store's surveillance video capturing the entire episode:

Taco Bell

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