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Watch! Dad gives his daughter 20 seconds to say whatever she wants

It was a heartwarming display of self-love. Dad Jay's decision to give his daughter 20 seconds alone in front of the bathroom mirror to say whatever she wants led to this video which has taken the internet by storm.

He runs the Instagram account @dadsdoittoo, and he often posts adorable videos of him and his lookalike daughter Tatum, but his latest video, posted on April 6, has people talking.

The video starts with Jay telling Tatum that he's going to give her 20 seconds to say whatever she wants, and he won't get mad.

What follows is a sweet and inspiring lesson in self-love.

"I'm a Barbie, and I look pretty."

Tatum's Barbie comment caught the attention of the official Barbie Instagram account, which commented on the video, "And don't you forget it 😉💖."

"I was proud," dad Jay told "Good Morning America" of his reaction to Tatum's motivational mirror speech. "Seeing the things I instilled into her and hearing her speak the words of affirmation felt good to see."

"I try my best to motivate my daughter and build her up," he added. "This time she showcased her confidence and intelligence."

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