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Bride Discovers Venue Closure Weeks Before Wedding

‘They cashed a bride’s check for 7k just days ago’: Bride says venue closed without warning weeks before her wedding with no refund

Bride-to-be Katelyn Stalboerger (@katelynstalboerger) shared in a viral TikTok video, that her wedding venue, Circle B, abruptly closed just weeks before her May 4th wedding with no refunds.

“We are supposed to get married at Circle B Wedding and Event Center in Isanti, Minnesota in less than two weeks. We just got an email that they effectively immediately closed the venue,” Katelyn Stalboerger (@katelynstalboerger) says in her video.

“We have nowhere to go, and we are not getting our money back,” Stalboerger continues. “If anyone knows of anything in the Isanti, Minnesota, in that area, because our church is in Ham Lake, please let us know. We are just trying to figure out what to do.”

Circle B “was administratively terminated on Feb 27, 2024, two months prior to informing its customers about the permanent closure.” The termination “was due to the limited liability company not filing the annual renewal with the state.” The owners of Circle B, Wayne, and Angie Butt, have listed the venue for sale.

In a follow-up video, Katelyn Stalboerger shares an update with viewers. “We tried to call our past venue, and it went straight to voicemail. No responses or anything like that. They deleted their websites. Completely gone. Their social media has been deleted, so there’s no trace of them anymore,” she shares.

The venue’s website, Instagram, and Facebook are gone or no longer accessible to the general public.

Stalboerger says she was able to find another venue but expressed her concerns for other couples affected by the closure. “I feel for the other brides who are also in this situation. Some who have not heard from Circle B, just never got the email,” Stalboerger says.

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