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Kevin Bacon's family pranks him on the anniversary of "Friday The 13th"

It may have been Thursday, but that didn't stop Kyra Sedgwick and her kids from scaring Kevin Bacon with a Friday the 13th-themed prank.

In honor of the original film's 44th anniversary, Kyra, 58, and the couple's children -- son Travis Bacon, 34, and daughter Sosie Bacon, 32 -- took an opportunity to remind Kevin, who turned 65, of his character's demise in the film.

In the video, the trio sneaks up on Kevin while he sleeps on the couch.

"It's time! Dad is taking his daily nap," Kyra says while holding a makeshift arrow with blood-red paint at its tip. This is reminiscent of how Kevin's character, Jack, is killed in 1980's Friday the 13th. (He's impaled by an arrow shoved through a bed and into his throat!)

Travis places the prop on Kevin's chest before hiding behind the couch with his mother and sister, all chanting the iconic sound effect used to make killer Jason Voorhees' presence known: "Ch ch ch, ah ah ah."

Kevin screams, launching himself up. "OK. Not funny, guys. Not funny!"

A joint Instagram reel showcased the prank.

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